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The Chiefs Have The Second Best Record In The NFL

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As the dust settles on a predictable Monday Night Football game between the Texans and Colts, Week 8 is over in the NFL and we look to Week 9. And for the Kansas City Chiefs, Week 9 is looking good - They own the second best record in the NFL.

In the AFC, the Chiefs are tied at 5-2 with the Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. The New England Patriots sit atop the NFL standings with a 6-1 record. The Houston Texans also have 5 wins but they have three losses as well, lowering their winning percentage. The Giants, Bucs and Falcons are 5-2 in the NFC.

The Chiefs chances to win the AFC West look especially good when you notice that every AFC division has at least two five win teams, except for the AFC West. The Raiders are 4-4 and in second place. And I'm kind of over talking about the Chargers and Broncos. They're irrelevant now.

Those five wins give the Chiefs over a 90% chance currently of nabbing some playoff spot, whether that be a division title or a wildcard berth.

So, 9 games to go and the Chiefs are near the top of the NFL standings. With the NFL power rankings coming out soon at SB Nation, I ask you this question: Who is the best 5-2 team in the AFC?

Note: It was surreal writing this headline. What a freakin' turnaround....

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