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Tim Tebow Wins NFL Rookie Of The Week For 2-TD Performance Against Chiefs

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In case you didn't hear, the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos rivalry is back. From the back-to-back blowouts to the non-handshake, it's definitely back.

That's why, as a Chiefs fan, it's so hard to see this:

Quarterback Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos is the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week for games played on November 11-15, the NFL announced on Friday.

Tebow had two touchdowns, one rushing and one passing, in the Broncos' 49-29 win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Tim Tebow's two snaps at the goal line earned him the honors.

The Chiefs have seen WR Dexter McCluster (winner), TE Tony Moeaki (winner) and S Eric Berry nominated for the award.

December 5th at Arrowhead. Mark your calendars.