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Chiefs vs. Cardinals: Back To Basics, Todd Haley Says

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Prior to the Denver Broncos game last week, the Kansas City Chiefs were coming off of a loss to the Oakland Raiders and QB Matt Cassel said the Chiefs were going to work on getting back to what got them there. The Chiefs got there by running the ball, stopping the run and not committing turnovers.

Of course we all saw what happened last Sunday. This week it's Chiefs head coach Todd Haley who says they'll be getting back to basics.

"We've gotta get back to fundamentals and fundamental football which is blocking, running, tackling, catching and we've worked real hard this week on it," Haley told Mitch Holthus on the HyVee Chiefs Insider show.

"Really, truly gone back to basics. We had two 9-on-7 periods which is not something we've done very much ever. Generally you have a 9-on-7 on Wednesday and move on but we can back and hit a 9-on-7 on Thursday and really worked on fundamental football."

This is all much easier said then done. Haley said they have the ship turned the right way but need to get back to what they've been doing to get it moving.

"We've worked hard trying to get back into the mindset that got us some success in the first place," he said.

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