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Chiefs' Todd Haley With The Cardinals: Love-Hate Relationship

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We've noticed a common theme from players that have worked with Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley and it's like a love-hate relationship. Players loved that Haley got the best out of them and demanded their best. However, they hated actually going through the process of trying to become the best.

That's because Haley is a vocal coach, something we learned quickly in Kansas City. Former Cardinals players this week have echoed that idea that it's a love-hate relationship with Haley. Via the Cardinals official site:

"Some guys hated him, some guys liked him, but you knew what you were going to get," running back Tim Hightower said. "Day in and day out, he was going to be who he was going to be. On the field, he was going to be disciplined, he was going to yell, there was always going to be a sense of urgency. You can hate it all you wanted to, but I think most guys respected it. There had to be a certain level of respect for a guy who is always the same person, in good times and bad times."

That's the Todd Haley we've come to know in Kansas City. All the buzz words are there -- disciplined, sense of urgency, you know what you're doing to get. That's the way players in Kansas City describe him so Haley definitely has that consistency down.

For the reputation Haley has as an intense coach, you don't see many players talking (expletive) about him.

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