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KC Chiefs' Todd Haley Calls Arizona Cardinals Offense 'Explosive'

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Does this headline look familiar? It should because Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley also called the Arizona Cardinals defense "explosive".  The Cardinals offense, like the defense, contains a lot of individual talent. Haley talked a little bit about Arizona's offense, with which he is intimately familiar.

"They’re an explosive team offensively. They have one of the best receivers in the league in WR Larry Fitzgerald, another guy in WR Steve Breaston that in my mind is one of the best receivers in the league.

"They’ve got some good young tight ends that are able to make plays. They’ve got some good young backs in (Tim) Hightower and (Beanie) Wells that are different types of runners but both run the ball really hard and can run it well.

"They have a big, physical offensive line that’s pretty familiar to me and a couple quarterbacks that I don’t have a lot of familiarity with other than seeing them around the league."

The name to remember: Larry Fitzgerald. He's the one that can single-handedly beat the Chiefs. He's arguably the best receiver in the league (as he should be having worked with Haley!). The only problem with this is the quarterbacks throwing to him. QB Derek Anderson is hardly intimidating with a 53 percent completion percentage, six touchdowns and eight interceptions.

I'd agree with Haley that portions of this offense are explosive. But the stats say they're the 30th ranked passing offense and 29th ranked rushing offense.

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