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Stats Say Chiefs And Cardinals Are Very Different Teams

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Generally when we're preparing for a new opponent, we'll look at a few stats and see where the Kansas City Chiefs might have an advantage. The Chiefs have the advantage in all the traditional stats: rushing, passing and scoring. They also hold significant advantages in the turnover department.

The Chiefs, as we've talked about all season, emphasize ball security. The Cardinals? Not so much. Here's a look at some turnover stats:

Fumbles: The Cardinals lead the NFL in most fumbles (22) and most lost fumbles (13) while the Chiefs have fumbled eight times and lost just three (tied for the least in the NFL).

Interceptions: The Cardinals have the fifth most interceptions in the NFL with 13. The Chiefs are tied with the Colts and Eagles for the NFL-low (4).

Turnover differential: The Chiefs are 10th in the league sitting at plus-five in the turnover department right now. The Cardinals come in at 29th in the NFL at minus-eight in that same category.

The Chiefs are second in the NFL in turnover point differential. That's points scored off of turnovers (58) and points allowed off of turnovers (7).

I won't yet jinx this game and say, "There's no way they lose, right" -- that's Chris' job -- but there are so many reasons the Chiefs should win this game.

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