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Rivalry Reignited: Todd Haley Versus Josh McDaniels

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley and Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels are both in the second year of their first head coaching jobs and both are trying hard to stake their claim as best coach in the West. You could say both coaches are pretty, um, prideful too.

Yesterday, after the Broncos blew out the Chiefs 49-29, I think it's safe to say that Todd Haley's pride was hurt. As the two coaches approached each other for the customary post game handshake, Todd Haley instead waved his finger at Josh McDaniels and uttered some angry words. No handshake was made.

Check out the video of it here.

I don't know what exactly Haley said to McDaniels but it was pretty clear it was said in anger. This Broncos win had "revenge win" all over it after last year's loss to the Chiefs in Week 17, which essentially sealed Denver's playoff fate. McDaniel's remembered Jamaal Charles' 256 yards rushing. He remembered that the Chiefs didn't let up that entire game either.

Call the lack of a handshake classless. Say McDaniels was classless for "running up the score." But you want my opinion? I freakin' love it. Bring on the rivalry! Let's make Chiefs and Broncos really nasty again. Denver and KC hasn't been as exciting as it could have been in recent years.

With both teams fighting for the division, dignity and relevance, December 5th at Arrowhead Stadium will be intense.

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