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Chiefs' Todd Haley: 'We Got It Handed To Us Pretty Good'

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley walked to the podium on Sunday after his team was whooped by the Denver Broncos, 49-29. Here's what he had to say about the game, which was obviously frustrating all the way around.

"We got it handed to us pretty good in all three phases." That's pretty much the case. The defense clearly got the downfall going giving up three first quarter touchdowns and the offense didn't help things out by failing to get the running game going early. Matt Cassel later said the Chiefs became one-dimensional. It's easy to get beat like that.

"You could make a case to say we didn't get better." Haley generally points out some positives, even after a loss, and says they got better. He says he still needs to look at the tape but they may not have gotten better.

"We were not the smarter, more disciplined team out there." Sacked four times. Six penalties. Hardly any rushing game to speak of. The Chiefs did a lot wrong in this game. Haley mentioned third downs, red zone defense and an inability to stop the run as problems.

"We were unable to get a stop." This was in response to what the biggest problem was in this game. 35-0 in the second quarter? Yeah, he's right about this one.

"We had scored enough points this year to think we were not out of it." This was what he was thinking at halftime of teh game as the Chiefs were down 35-10. From about the four minute mark of the second quarter, the Chiefs actually outscored the Broncos 29-14. You just can't expect to win when you go down 35-0 at one point.

"This is the NFL. They have injuries. We have injuries." This was in response to a question about missing Jon McGraw and Kendrick Lewis. He didn't use it as an excuse even though it was an obvious problem.

"We will go back to Arrowhead for our biggest game of the year." Haley is already looking forward to getting back to Arrowhead. He says the team probably needs the trip back home. The Chiefs end their two-game road trip at 0-2.

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