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NFL Predictions For The Chiefs Broncos Game This Weekend

We are just over 24 hours and counting until the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Denver Broncos in their Mickey-D's style Field. Joel will be covering the game from the press box as you may have heard. Which means he is venturing DEEP into enemy territory. MHR fans, be kind. 

Anyway, with Joel presumably sampling the excellent Colorado micro-brews today, I wanted to take over his weekly predictions column. This isn't anything too fancy. Just make five predictions for the game this weekend and then we'll check back and see how we did on Monday. 

Here are my five predictions for the Chiefs/Broncos game this weekend:

No. 1 Chiefs win but the game is still undecided until less than minutes left in regulation

These rivalry games are making mess less confident than I was earlier in the season. With the Raiders winining in OT last week, after the Chiefs should have put the game away,  that means we've got another close divisional, away game in Denver.

No. 2 Dwayne Bowe nabs two touchdowns

Bowe knows fans and critics alike are watching him closely. I mean, I don't want to brag, but Bowe did start blowing up after I posted my "Dwayne Bowe is officially mediocre" article. Bowe knows poeple are still down on him and he'll continue to do his best to respond. 

He'll have a drop or two but he nabs his two touchdowns. Bowe says, **** the snow. 

No 3. Cassel is Cassel and doesn't blow this game or seal this game for the Chiefs

Snow....On the road....Matt Cassel will have about 175 yards passing, 15 or so completions and throw hopefully two touchdowns. An INT or two is to be expected.

No. 4 There will be at least five turnovers this game

I foresee fumbles and INTs galore. The Broncos are desperatly trying to be relevant in the AFC West and the Chiefs are trying to jump into the top ten teams in the NFL.

Risks will be taken and I bet they don't turn out well. 

No. 5 Expect an equal load for Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones

As much as Charles tore up Denver last season, and as much as I'd like to see that happen, I see the Chiefs sticking to their 50-50 mix of Jones and Charles. Fantasy football owners take note. 

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