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Taking This Show On The Road

As I type this, I sit in Kansas City's airport, preparing for a flight to Denver. We'll be taking Arrowhead Pride to Denver for Sunday's Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos game. I've never been to a game in Denver at [this week's corporate name] Field so I figured I better do it.

I'll be in and out on Saturday doing some Denver touristy things but Chris will be here to hold down the fort.

On Sunday, I'll be at the stadium early for some pre-game blogging about the Chiefs road game.

What I need from you is...

-Tips on what to do in Denver.

-For those that have been to a Broncos game, what kind of tailgating can I expect?

- Any other advice I'll need spending the weekend in Denver?

Oh, and I just realized I forgot a winter jacket but that's OK. It's not supposed to snow, right?

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