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Ticket Prices Say Chiefs And Rams Will Be Popular; Broncos And Chiefs Will Be Average

chiefs tickets
chiefs tickets

As many of you know, we've partnered with to bring Kansas City Chiefs fans interesting information about Chiefs tickets and of course good deals on 'em too. The good people from TiqIQ have sent us an updated graphic (above) of how the ticket prices are shaking out for the next few Chiefs games.

Prices for this weekend's game against the Denver Broncos are right around the $152 season average for road games. Just over 2,000 tickets remain for Sunday's game.

Interestingly enough, the hot ticket (according to its still high price) is the Chiefs and Rams on December 19th. In fact,

There are a few reasons why I think this would be:

  • It's close to the holidays which means people are buying tickets as Christmas presents;
  • Lots of KC area people have family in St. Louis and vice versa; and,
  • It will be one of your last chances to see the Chiefs in 2010 before those hot playoff tickets come out.
There are just over 2,300 tickets left for the Rams game. To contrast that, there are over 7,000 still available for the game two weeks before that against the Seattle Seahawks.

Like we said when we announced this deal, interesting info like this is why we chose TiqIQ over the bajillion other ticket brokers out there. Make sure you like our Arrowhead Pride Tickets page on Facebook and make sure to check out the tickets tab at the top of the AP home page.

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