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Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley On Developing Young Coaches

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley appeared on WFAN in New York this week talking about Bill Parcells, coaching and developing your young coaches. We don't hear much about that -- developing your young coaches.

You develop players, for sure. But coaches?

"You have to do that because all these guys aren't going to be around here forever," Haley said. "So you have to have young coaches that are learning and learning the way you want to do things and we've got a bunch of those former Jets players that are in positions doing that now."

I hate to go back to New England but look at the Patriots over the years. They've lost coaches (and executives) it seems on an annual basis. Charlie Weis as a coordinator becomes a head coach at Notre Dame. Josh McDaniels as a coordinator becomes a head coach in Denver. They keep winning yet every year, there's a new assistant on New England that somebody wants to promote.

Clearly Bill Parcells was very, very good at this because you see his fingerprints over so many different teams.

The Chiefs always make a point of saying that they want to win consistently and not be a one-year wonder. Part of being able to sustain that success is being able to handle the moving parts, which includes players and coaches.

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