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KC Listening As Roger Goodell Says Game 'Meant To Be Played In The Elements'

We've talked before about a Super Bowl in Kansas City -- actually we've talked about it a few times -- and while many don't think it's possible we're not quite ready to shut the door yet. Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has said that he would pursue a Super Bowl for Arrowhead Stadium if the opportunity arose.

That opportunity may have come up a few months ago when the NFL awarded the 2014 Super Bowl to New York, an outdoor stadium.

Speaking to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution prior to Thursday's Ravens vs. Falcons game, Goodell hinted that the outdoor Super Bowl in New York may not be a one-time thing.

We’ve been here before and we awarded the 2014 Super Bowl to New York. The game is meant to be played in the elements.

The question was in response to one about Atlanta possibly building an outdoor stadium and how that would affect their chances of getting a Super Bowl. Goodell's response would indicate that he is indeed thinking of having more outdoor Super Bowls.

Is it unlikely? Very. Maybe the odds are set at one-in-a-million but, as Lloyd Christmas would say, 'So you're saying there's a chance...'

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