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The Next Hurdle For A Young KC Chiefs Team: Fortitude

There are many people that should be congratulated for molding the Chiefs into what many fans are witnessing during the first half of the 2011 season. Hard work has been rewarded with success, dedication has reaped respect, and teamwork has resulted in more wins.

But the development of our Kansas City Chiefs is not complete. It's success has not been tested, seen adversity, or yet been tempted by the demons of discontent. But it will.

The next stage of development for our young Chief's team will be that of mental and emotional strength. It is a time when teams taste the bitter tonic of adversity. A time when they develop that which will be needed for the arduous journey through some future playoff run.

The journey is about to test the Chief's fortitude.

It happens every year. Young teams who think they have found the answer start the season with encouraging success only to discover that the road holds more than just good times for them. The NFL journey tests all teams.

The NFL journey will discover a teams weaknesses and those weaknesses will be exploited. What a team was good at...they find they aren't quite as good as they thought. And those areas that aren't so good, well, they become glaring.

The Kansas City Chiefs have reached the half way point in the season and have emerged with a 5-3 record. No longer do teams wonder who the Chiefs are or what they might look like. Teams know the answers to those questions by now. Teams know things like: KC is ranked first in the NFL in rushing yards per game and 30th in the NFL in passing yards per game.

Kansas City Chief's Rankings

Rank yds
Rushing yds per game
1st 179
2. Passing yds per game
30h 168
3. 3rd down Efficiency
27th 33%
4. Passing Completion %
24th 58%
5. Passing Attempts/Game
30th 26
6. Kick Return average
26th 20.8
7. Defense /passing
21st 232
8. Defensive Red Zone %
25th 63%
9. D.Rushing yards to Right 28th

The Chiefs have been encouraging in 2011 but they still have a lot to improve upon.

If the Chiefs are like most upstart NFL teams then they will start to experience struggles and growing pains as they progress through the second half of the season. Sometimes struggles are exactly what a team needs. Without those obstacles that help test, by fire, the metal of a team...losses in a future playoff is guaranteed.

It is the mental and emotional strength when facing adversity that solidifies a teams resolve, weeds out the weak of mind, and identifies areas of improvement. Here is hoping that the Kansas City Chiefs front office continues the good work it has done over the past two years and does not become complacent in the quest to win a Super Bowl.

Here is hoping the young Chiefs team weathers the next big test in it's development. The testing of each players fortitude.


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