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20 Years Later: Derrick Thomas' Seven Sack Game

November 11th means many things to me. You've got Veterans' Day, an appreciation for those who have served and we've also got my birthday. Yes, 26 years old today for me. But that's not the only important note on November 11th.

Derrick Thomas' seven sack game against the Seattle Seahawks came 20 years ago today. November 11, 1990, DT harassed Dave Krieg that day for a whopping seven sacks.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the story at the end of the day. It was the sack DT didn't get that we'll remember. At the end of the game, he missed a sack on Krieg as he hit the winning TD pass. Nine total sacks that day and the Chiefs lost.

In Kansas City, we remember the real story of that day, DT's seven sacks are something I'll never forget -- the birthday helps with that -- and I'm glad 20 years later those of us in KC haven't forgotten.

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