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KC Chiefs Getting Back To Their Roots

Just keep doing what you do best. As a fan, our critiques can be that simple: Run the football more. And everyone knows what we mean. The Chiefs are most successful when they have a more rushes than passes. It's that simple, right? OK, we know it's not that simple for Todd Haley and the Chiefs coaching staff -- there are other factors -- but ultimately the stats (usually) don't lie.

The KC Star blog Upon Further Review has a good analysis of the Chiefs including a game-by-game breakdown of the number of pass vs. rush. The last two weeks, the Chiefs have favored the run big time -- 18/42 vs. Jacksonville and 26-45 vs. Buffalo.

For just the second time this year (Indy being the other), the Chiefs passed more often than rushing the ball. To fans, that doesn't make any sense. Why pass more when you're more effective running more?

"I think this week there is an emphasis on getting back to doing what has made us successful up to this point," Chiefs QB  Matt Cassel said on Wednesday.

Cassel's got some coach-speak in him but I think he meant that particular line. I suspect the Chiefs, after looking at the numbers last week, are emphasizing on running the ball more and not turning it over. Those are two things they struggled with last week and two things that are also part of what made the Chiefs success to this point.

So once the Chiefs increase the rushes, that means we, as fans, can ask: Why aren't you passing more?

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