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Don't Ask What's Wrong With The Broncos Passing Game

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610 Sports' Shan Shariff tweeted on Wednesday that he was called an a--hole by Denver Broncos WR Brandon Lloyd on a conference call earlier in the day. I was curious as to why until I found the audio of the exchange (via Click the link to listen or here's the exchange....

Shariff asks (paraphrased): Why are you having a breakout year here and not DC (former team is the Redskins)?

Lloyd goes on to give his answer, which was pretty standard.

Shariff later asks: It seems that you're slowing down from the great start Kyle Orton had. Why is that?

Lloyd's response: "You're writing a negative article, aren't you? God dang." .... (and a few seconds later laughing) ..."Asshole didn't even introduce himself!"

Pretty funny exchange (and no Lloyd didn't seem legitimately upset).

Anyway, onto his answer about the Broncos slowing down in recent weeks.

"I don't think we've slowed down," he said. "If there has been a little tailing off I think it's moreso defenses are running more coverage as opposed to the man on man we were seeing early in the season. Our run game struggling is obviously putting teams in more coverages to stop the pass game and they're allowing their d-line and linebackers to stop the run."

So the Broncos haven't slowed down, a--hole. You got that?

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