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Sorry Broncos Fans, Jamaal Charles Is Still A Chief

Last season, during Week 17 against the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles was hitting the apex of his 2009 campaign. In Week 14 against the Bills, Charles rushed for 143 yards. Then he rushed for 154 yards against Cleveland and 102 against Cincinnati. Then he broke off 259 yards rushing against the Broncos in the final game of the season. 

For the year, Charles rushed for 1,120 yards. Nearly 25% of Charles' 2009 rushing yards came in Week 17 against the Broncos. 25%!

Charles' 259 rushing yards against the Broncos was of course a career high and capped off an amazing run by the running back. A run that continues to this day and will more than likely continue on Sunday.

In order to conjure up good karma this weekend, here are Charles' highlights from that Week 17 game in Denver:

  • Charles had rushes of 52, 33, 30 and 56 yards;
  • He ran for two touchdowns;
  • He averaged 10.4 yards per carry (!); and, 
  • His 56-yard TD run halfway through the fourth quarter essentially put the game out of reach for the Broncos and they were forced into desperation mode.
I just have one plea for Todd Haley and Charlie Weis: Please, please give Jamaal Charles the ball at least 20 times this game (If he's healthy of course). Please?

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