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Chiefs vs. Broncos: Expecting A Heavy Dose Of Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones

Last week against the Oakland Raiders, the Kansas City Chiefs passed the ball (35) more than they rushed the ball (34), which is only the second time that's happened this year (Indianapolis Colts). Obviously for the Chiefs running the ball is much better than passing the ball. The Chiefs know it. We know it. Everyone knows it.

I imagine that will be the case on Sunday when they visit the Broncos and their 31st run defense. The Chiefs get a break facing a Broncos team that looks pretty miserable trying to stop the run.

Here's the Broncos rushing yards given up the last five games:: 143, 329, 129, 233, 121.

Here's the Chiefs rushing yards gained the last five games: 104, 274, 236, 228, 113.

In each of those five games the Broncos offense has had a turnover (and eight in the last three games). On the season, the Broncos have won the turnover battle three times: two wins and a four-point loss to the New York Jets.

So what I'm saying is that the Broncos don't defend the run very well and they turn it over. Boy, if there's not a team that fits into the Chiefs strengths more I don't know who it is. The Chiefs will run the ball a lot and they'll create turnovers. That is the Chiefs. That's all they want to do.

We always expect a heavy dose of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones but, after last week's game and all those passes, I would predict the total number of rushes rises and surpasses 40. The Raiders run defense was ranked low last week but clearly they were playing better than that ranking lately. The Broncos aren't better than their ranking.

We'll see how Todd Haley and Co. decide to handle this one but I'd be in favor of JC and TJ.

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