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Eric Berry Really Wants To Get Into The End Zone In The NFL

Two weeks. Two picks. And two hard attempts to get into the end zone by Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry

The video above (Yeah we posted it earlier but it's Eric Berry, okay?) is from yesterday's Bills/Chiefs game. Berry picked off Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick with 17 seconds left and on the return, did his best impression....of himself. It's clear after just two interceptions that Eric Berry is not cool with taking the easy or safe route and calmly run the ball out of bounds or simply protect it and fall after an INT. He did it in college and now he's doing it in the pros - hustling after the INT, trying to find the endzone.

At the University of Tennessee, Mrs. Arrowhead Pride's alma mater, Berry took three of his interceptions back to the house for points. Check out this fumble return by Berry at UT. Hmmm....Does that running style look familiar? How about Berry's first NFL interception return?

Anyway, not a lot of news here other to say I think it's fun that Berry looks to score after every pick or fumble. I know there is an argument for taking the "safer" route and perhaps going down rather quickly to save possession. But the 2010 Chiefs aren't that kind of team. Todd Haley isn't that type of coach. And Eric Berry certainly isn't that type of player. Maybe that quality in Berry is one that really drew Haley to him as a player. Who knows.....

Like I said, not much news in this one. I just really, really like Eric Berry. For some more Berry returns, check out these links:

It's pretty funny how he runs pretty much exactly the same after every pick. I love it.  

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