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Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley On Brandon Flowers

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Brandon Flowers is turning into not only one of the best players on the Kansas City Chiefs but one of the best in the NFL. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley spent a few minutes at his Monday press conference talking about Flowers.

The short version: Flowers is pretty darn good.

Here's the long version:

"I think Brandon Flowers has done nothing but get better from day one. I like Brandon a lot. I think he has a chance to be a great player in this league, I really do. He is another guy I am happy to have on our team.

"I am seeing something different in Brandon, skill-set aside, this guy is a unique, highly-competitive player. You can see that he enjoys and thrives on being challenged. As each receiver group comes into town or we got to town against, the bigger the name the bigger the step up you see from Brandon."

It's been pretty cool to watch Flowers rise this year into one of the best players in the league. He's one of those guys, like Tamba Hali, that has thrived under Todd Haley. He seems like he has a good head on his shoulders and doesn't act like some of the other cornerbacks and receivers around the league (what is it about those two positions?).

"He is a smart player. He made some terrific plays and at the cornerback position you are going to get beat occasionally. That happened a couple times yesterday. On the hold, that is his decision to make but when you have instinctual, heavy players, which Brandon is, he is a football player."

On the hold....Flowers tells us after the game that he purposely got the five-yard holding penalty in order to avoid the receiver getting past him. Flowers called it a veteran move.

"I talk about receivers being football players not just pass catchers; Brandon is a football player now. I don’t know that I would take any corner over Brandon in a run support role. This guy comes up and had a couple hits yesterday."

Sort of like how Haley wants the receivers to be able to block very well, he wants the corners able to tackle. Sounds like Haley thinks he may be the best cornerback in the NFL against the run.

Here's the full transcript from the Mothership. There's more from Haley talking Flowers.

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