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Randy Moss Released By Vikings; Don't Expect Him In Kansas City

The news that Randy Moss has been released just broke in the last hour and NFL blogs and message boards are blowing up around the web asking one question: Should [My Team] sign Randy Moss? In the case of the Kansas City Chiefs, a fan may look at the team needs and say, "Sure, let's bring Moss to KC."

Randy Moss to Kansas City won't happen for a couple of reasons:

  • The Chiefs are at the bottom of the waiver wire because of their win/loss record. Teams have 24 hours to claim Moss, with the NFL's worst teams getting first shot. The Chiefs are in the bottom ten of that list.
  • Scott Pioli has shown in the past he's quite willing to cut ties with problem players, which Moss obviously is at this point. I can't see how Randy Moss fits Pioli and Todd Haley's vision.

One big caveat here is that Scott Pioli was with the Patriots when they signed Randy Moss in 2007. With Bowe improving but still unreliable, and with Chris Chambers hardly seeing any balls thrown his way, I could why Chiefs' fans would be calling for Moss. Matt Cassel already spent a year throwing to him and I think it's safe to say now that Cassel could really use another wide out.

For the record, yes, I would like to see Randy Moss play out the rest of the 2010 season as a Chief.

But is it likely? No. I don't think it happens. Make sure you cast your vote in the poll below.

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