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Bills vs. Chiefs: What Buffalo Fans Are Saying About KC

Kansas City Chiefs fans over the last couple years should know how Buffalo Bills fans are feeling right now. Your team isn't very good. You don't know what you have in your quarterback. You can't stop the run.

And you lose in heart breaking fashion.

It's a tough morning to be a Buffalo Bills fan. Over at Buffalo Rumblings, Bills fans are venting about the loss. I always find it interesting what the opponent's fans have to say about the Chiefs so rounded up a handful of comments from Bills fans.

The highlights:
  • Some fans think the last two OT losses are good signs for the Bills
  • Some think Charlie Weis bailed out the Bills with some play calls
  • Most are frustrated over not being able to stop the run
Make the jump for some comments picked out from Buffalo Rumblings. Check out the full post here.

I personally enjoyed it more than the Baltimore game. I feel like this game just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Fitz is a fine quarterback, but that if Andrew Luck or the QB of the month come April is there for us, that’s gotta be the pick.

It’s also clear that the Bills will look to continue major moves to morph their defense. At this point Helen Keller can tell how painfully inadequate our defense’s personnel is.

Yet another game, yet another game of blown opportunities. Seems to be a staple of our team.

And I’m also on board for actually using a running game. And not just the sweep. We ran it well up the middle, then naturally abandoned it for shotgun formation passes and sweeps

Im sorry but I firmly and staunchly disagree with Gailey calling a fine game otherwise....
Romeo Crennel owned Gailey today.

The Bills got 4 yards per PLAY today on offense………….

Weis was a moron for throwing on short yardage so much……….that bailed out the Bills a bunch.

How many 3rd and shorts did they pass on?

They were getting 6,7,8 ypc with Charles………v…and they pass.

It blows my mind.

two weeks ago people were asking if the Bills could beat a UFL team then we come out and take the Chiefs and Ravens to OT. We can’t win because we can not stop the run at all, its a basic tenant of football. Stop the run. We can’t. At all.

Weis owned Weis

That dude is too smart for his own good. Why the hell wouldn’t they just run the ball the whole game? I mean I think Weis’ playcalling was the only reason we were able to stay in the game.

The Chiefs ran the ball well because they were throwing the ball?

The Chiefs ran all over us because every team runs all over us. The Chiefs have an elite RB in Charles and a very good one in Jones. What they did on the ground has nothing to do with Cassel throwing the ball today.

On the road, tough KC team to play in their stadium. Awesome. O Line gets a bit better. Spiller gets a little better setting up blocks, not fumbling……and our D gets rid of Kelsey and we have a decent team.

Thank you Bills for making Sunday entertaining again. It won’t be long until we win.

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