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Chiefs vs. Colts: No Real Blueprint For Beating Peyton Manning, Colts

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We're taking another look at the Indianapolis Colts offense and the ways to stop or contain them. Instead of doing it from a Kansas City Chiefs angle, we asked the guys over at Stampede Blue a couple of questions about the Colts offense.

First, do you have to get to Peyton Manning to have a shot?

Second, does the Colts offense even have a running game?

Judging by the headline, you can guess what they said about beating Manning.

Q&A is after the jump.

Q: If you're going to beat the Colts, is rushing QB Peyton Manning a necessity?

SB: Absolutely a necessity, and almost always has to come with the front four (or in KC's defense, front 3 + OLB). Blitzing him will leave somebody open, and Manning doesn't care who he throws to. Guys from the practice squad become household names overnight by catching touchdown passes from Manning.

Many people throw around 'the blueprint to beat the Colts', but in all honesty there isn't much of one to stop Manning.  Pressure from the front four, and maybe a well-timed delayed blitz on a thrd down gets the Colts off the field.  Short of that, Manning usually has his way with any defense.

Q: Is the Colts running game non-existent like in some years or a legitimate part of the Colts offense the Chiefs defense needs to prepare for?

SB: The Giants thought they could play one linebacker and six defensive backs the entire first half against the Colts, and they got run all over consistently. Against Jacksonville, the yards per carry weren't there for RB Joseph Addai, but his RB Success Rate was second best in the NFL last week, including two touchdowns. They actually tend to run the ball more in the red zone, as defensive backs have to stay tight on wide receivers and TE  Dallas Clark, opening up the middle of the field.

RB Donald Brown did not play last week, and there's been no word on his health for this week as of yet. The Colts also lost Devin Moore to IR this week, which means only two healthy running backs. I'm hoping the fact that they haven't made a roster move for a running back yet means Brown will be ready to go.

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