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Chiefs vs. Colts: Todd Haley Talks About How To Beat Indy

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There's no real blueprint to beating the Indianapolis Colts. It always comes down to Peyton Manning so you just hope you can create a turnover, have a big play and have a bunch of little things go your way to beat them.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley talked with Mitch Holthus this week and explained how you beat the Colts.

Basically, it's easier said than done.

"Generally the teams that are able to come out on top [against] them play a physical brand of football. You have to possess the football --  one way or another -- whether you're running or throwing. You need to come out on top in the time of possession before it's over. You need to get some stops in the red zone, where they're very good and have bene very good for a long time. When they're in the red zone, they score touchdowns generally. That's the way it's been. You must have a stop. You're going to have to force a turnover siomewhere along the line and ideally steal a possession somehow."

To sum that up:

  • Be physical: This is something the Chiefs can do and have done. Haley has definitely made them more physical this year.
  • Win the time of possession: Is this important? Not necessarily but I think keeping the ball away from Manning as much as possible is a must so it does matter.
  • Red zone defense: The Chiefs need to accept that the Colts will get into the red zone (probably more than once). Forcing them to three points instead of seven could go a long way to winning.
  • Force a turnover: The Chiefs are +2 in turnovers at this point and I'm not sure how confident I am they can create one against the Colts.

"It's a big job," Haley said. "When this team loses, it usually takes some extraordinary like you saw last week with a 59-yard field goal." (The Jaguars hit a 59-yard field goal as time expired to beat the Colts last week.)

The Chiefs have done some extraordinary things this season -- punt return for a touchdown, interception return for a touchdown, flea-flicker for a touchdown -- and I think Haley knows they'll need something like that again.

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