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NFL Week 5 Picks: Is Anyone Picking The Kansas City Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated but that's not keeping oddsmakers and others from picking the Indianapolis Colts this weekend.

In what is really no surprise whatsoever, pretty much everyone is picking the Colts to win this weekend:

  • CBS Sports Pete Prisco: Colts by 16;
  •'s Michael Hurly: Colts to win;
  • Every ESPN analyst: Colts to win;
  •'s Peter King: Colts to win; and,
  • PFT's Gregg Rosenthal: Colts by 6.
I can't really blame the pundits for taking Indy. It's Peyton Manning, at home, after a loss. But we've also got two great coordinators playing the game after a bye week. Do those two point neutralize each other?

Eh, probably not. This game will come down to how many turnovers the Chiefs can force and how many possessions they give Peyton Manning to score. 

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