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Chiefs vs. Colts: Todd Haley Looks At Peyton Manning, Indy's Offense

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley starts off each Wednesday press conference during game week running down the opponent's offense, defense and special teams and continued that today looking at the Indianapolis Colts offense.

There were no surprises from the Chiefs head coach when talking about Peyton Manning and the Colts offense -- they're just an awesome offense overall.

Here's a little bit of what Haley said:

On Manning: "Everything goes around this quarterback, Peyton Manning, who’s been there a long time. He’s been there since I went back to the Jets and we had to play him a couple times a year so I’ve seen way more of this guy than needed through the years."

On Colts offense: "Offensively, obviously a very talented team that can move the football up and down the football field, they score a lot of points year-in and year-out – you know you have to score points to be anywhere close to them."

If you look at the Colts offense, you realize how great Bill Polian as a Colts executive. He's put the perfect type of talent around Peyton Manning -- all skill positions can catch the ball well, the receivers are even faster in the dome and the offensive line is getting smaller (or more athletic) so they can be more flexible.

The Colts biggest "weakness" on offense is running the ball but that hasn't stopped Manning and the rest of the Colts from winning at least 12 games over seven straight seasons.

There's not a whole you can say about the Colts offense other than...yeah, they're really, really good.

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