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Kansas City Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Goes On Jim Rome Is Burning

The Kansas City Chiefs are getting a little more big time. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley appeared on ESPN's Jim Rome Is Burning on Wednesday afternoon.

Much of what Haley has said locally he talked about with Rome but there was a pretty funny moment during the interview. If you've ever seen a Todd Haley press conference then you'd enjoy it.

Rome asked Haley: Can you pinpoint when the thing started to turn, specifically?

Haley started off talking about the Steelers game last year and then hit on seemingly every other topic with the Chiefs ranging from the end of the 2009 season to the new training camp setup in St. Joe to the preseason to losing weight in 2009 and so on.

In all, Haley took 3 minutes and 9 seconds to answer the question touching on a variety of topics.

Rome's response?

"My man, that might be the most thorough answer in the history of this talk show. That was absolutely incredible. You should be proud of yourself. That was amazing. I better jump in there right now or I won't get another chance."

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