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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Recalls Patriots, Colts Rivalry

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel played for the New England Patriots for part of the glory days of the rivalry with the Indianapolis Colts. It was arguably the best rivalry in the game (and maybe sports) during the beginning and middle part of the decade.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Cassel recalled those games from 2005-2008.

"It was a great rivalry, it really was. I just remember being part of that rivalry and every year the excitement amongst the players and coaches, knowing it was a big game....When I was a young player, being able to see that rivalry between Tom and Peyton was pretty cool. And then being able to experience that and be part of that rivalry when I stepped in and played there in 2008 was pretty cool, too."

Cassel took part in one of those games in 2008. He completed 25-of-34 passes for 204 yards and one interception. The Patriots lost to the Colts, 18-15.

The Chiefs have their own rivalry of sorts with the Colts since Indy has provided three of the more painful playoff losses in team history. It'd be nice to see Cassel start his Kansas City career off right -- by beating Manning and the Colts.

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