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The Pitch Names Arrowhead Pride Best Sports Blog In Kansas City

It's now time for a pat-on-the-back moment.

The Pitch, a local paper here in Kansas City, comes out with its "Best Of Kansas City" edition every year for all sorts of things -- best movie, athlete, restaurant, etc.

Best sports blog in Kansas City? Yeah, they nailed it.

This town is obsessed with all things Chiefs, and it doesn't end with the regular season's final game. Luckily, Arrowhead Pride satiates the city's appetite for Chiefs minutiae year-round, with multiple posts every day providing a perfect mix of original analysis and comprehensive aggregation. Led by Joel and Chris Thorman, the blog posts aren't high literature, but they're the equivalent of mainlining Chiefs data into your bloodstream.

Chris and I may lead Arrowhead Pride but it's all the reader contributions (including contributors Bewsaf and KaloPhoenix (and Jon Yoon and Matt Conner) and moderators like Woodman212 and stagdsp) that are the real life-line of this site.

So, thanks to The Pitch for the recognition and thank you to everyone who wastes their time at work, errr, uses their free time to stop by Arrowhead Pride every day.

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