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Is It Tough To Be A Quarterback In Kansas City?

I caught Soren Petro's hour with Tim Grunhard on 810 WHB Tuesday and I think Grunhard brings up a great question: Is it tough to be a quarterback in Kansas City, more so than other places?

He brought the question up while relaying a conversation he had with Charlie Weis during the Chiefs bye week.

"i had the opportunity -- and I'm sure Charlie wouldn't be upset with me for bringing this up -- I had the opportunity to talk with Charlie a little bit during the off week and one of the things he talked about is that his relationship with Cassel has really grown over the last four or five months. One of the the things he wants to do with Matt Cassel is kind of what he did for Tom Brady. First of all, give the kid some confidence in some of the things he's doing in order to have success.

"I found it very interesting that Charlie said that this is a tough town to be a quartebrack in. I said [to Weis], 'Even tougher than some other places?" He said 'Yeah, it is.'

"He said one of the things he wants to do is to see if he can endure Cassel to the fan base here and put him in a position to have some success because how much he likes the kid and how much I think they're working together. I thought it was pretty interesting that he said it's a tough position to play in and it's a tough city to be a quarterback."

I tend to agree with Petro who says it's not the toughest (like Philly or New York) but it's certainly not the lightest (like San Diego) either. I think people in Kansas City tend to care about the football team more than other cities do with their teams. That leads to more focus on the quarterback, being the most important piece of the puzzle.

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