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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Now Described As 'Laid Back'

Occasionally I like to stop and think back to how far the Kansas City Chiefs have come.

Last year, not only were the Chiefs losing but players didn't seem happy and Todd Haley certainly didn't seem happy either. It seemed that every week the TV networks were capturing Haley yelling at this player or that player, generally making the Chiefs sideline seem like a miserable place to be.

That was last year. This year, you've got a whole new crop of rookies who never experienced the 2009 version of Todd Haley.

Here's what rookie Eric Berry said about Haley on 640 The Fan in Atlanta this week:

"He's a great coach. Very laid back. What you get one day, that's what you're going to get every day. He doesn't change. He's very consistent and as a head coach that's all you can ask for. Someone that's going to come in day in and day out, work for you and put you in the best situations for your team to win."

Now think back to last year again. Did anyone ever describe Haley as "laid back"? I take that as a sign that more of the Chiefs players understand the way Haley thinks things should be done.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get used to a "laid back" description for Haley but multiple players have talked about the "same guy every day" part of Haley. Sounds like things are much, much smoother this year.

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