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Bills vs. Chiefs: Gus Johnson On Eric Berry's Interception

After the Kansas City Chiefs 13-10 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, I got home, relaxed, and asked Ms. Primetime, who watched the game at home, if she saw anything interesting on the telecast of the game.

(Yeah, it's real fun for her -- I get home and grill her about the play-by-play announcers.)

Anyway, she says, "That announcer went crazy when Eric Berry got that interception."

Well, that announcer is Gus Johnson. He's been involved in a few of the Chiefs games this year (always exciting though I'm not sure I can handle/want him doing anymore Chiefs games) and is one of my favorites.

Here he is in the video above doing what he does when Berry intercepts Ryan Fitzpatrick's pass.

"At the KC 41...Fitzpatrick up high....and no! .....Berry! ..... And he's down at the 40! ....The rookie!"

There are a lot of Gus Johnson references on the game day threads if you wanna check it out. When your team is winning I don't think there are a lot of people better than Gus Johnson.

A few Eric Berry quotes in the Chiefs locker room after the game....

"You never know which play is going to decide a game so thats why you play every snap hard and give everything you've got. You never know if it's going to be a fumble or fourth and inches so you just go out and give it everything you have."


"We wanted to win. We had confidence in everyone on this team. Whoever goes out there, we have faith in them. Coach puts them out there so obviously he has faith in them. We're just going to go with it and keep it moving. But, yeah, that game was very nerve-wracking."


"I'm just getting more comfortable. I've been watching a lot of film trying to pick up on tendencies and things like that. But I really just want to help my team out and that's why I was so excited because it was so critical."

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