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Kansas City Chiefs Can Pass 2009 Win Total Against Buffalo Bills

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Think about that headline for a second: The Kansas City Chiefs can pass their 2009 win mark before November hits. It's still strange to say, think about it and talk about as I did last night at a Halloween party.

The last time the Chiefs won five games in a season was 2006 -- Nov. 5 of that year was win No. 5. The Chiefs haven't had five or more wins before November since 2003 (and that team was 8-0 at that point).

I don't think win No. 5 will mean much to Todd Haley -- or at least he'll say it doesn't. He's focused on 16 games and not one, as he always says. I can already see him talking about 2-1 in the second quarter and not his career high wins in a season (assuming I didn't just jinx it). Not basking in your own glory is part of the "process" we've come accustomed to.

I do think it's important for the fans to sit back occasionally and recognize what the Chiefs are doing and what they've done. The Chiefs have been down in the dumps for a few years so it's OK to celebrate five wins.

Of course this all happens only IF the Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills. Vegas is confident in the Chiefs. Chiefs fans are confident in the Chiefs. Now it's time to see if the Chiefs are confident in the Chiefs.

To getting win No. 5....

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