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The Kansas City Chiefs Will Be Fine Without Dexter McCluster

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I know that Kansas City Chiefs fans are cautiously hoping Dexter McCluster's ankle heals quickly but there is a silver lining to his injury - this Kansas City Chiefs team doesn't need Dexter McCluster to win. Yep, you heard me right. If Dexter McCluster misses the next 2-3 games, the Chiefs don't need to panic.

This Kansas City Chiefs team isn't as dependent on single players as it has been in years past. There are a few reasons why I'm not worried about McCluster missing a few games:

  • The Chiefs have adequate depth to replace #22;
  • McCluster's total yards are a relatively small contribution to the Chiefs' offense; and,
  • The next three games, on paper, shouldn't be difficult for the Chiefs.

If Todd Haley lets him play, Chris Chambers should take McCluster's spot on the depth chart at wide receiver. I think, at least for a few games, that's a solid upgrade. Beyond Chambers however, the Chiefs' depth gets scary fast. It won't be tough to replace McCluster's minimal contributions on the ground.

I'm not going to deny that McCluster is an exciting, important part of the Chiefs' offense. But so far in 2010, McCluster's gains on the ground and in the air only comprise 10% of the Kansas City Chiefs' overall yards. He has 60 rushing yards and 147 receiving yards. I think the Chiefs' can absorb that hit. I know that this isn't really a fair comparison because McCluster contributes in other ways besides gaining yards but I think it's a fair point when debating McCluster's value over the next few games.

Here's the biggest reason the Chiefs' shouldn't worry about missing McCluster - they may not even need him against the next three opponents. We've been over the Bills a lot this week and I think most of us are comfortable letting Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles do the damage there. The Raiders should prove to be the most difficult of the Chiefs' next three opponents but I still think the Chiefs can get the job done against Oakland without #22. Denver is...a mess. We could get away with starting Brodie Croyle there....

So, will the Chiefs really miss Dexter McCluster if he can't go for a few games? Or are the Chiefs going to be fine without the OW?

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