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Talking About Tailgating At Arrowhead Stadium

In addition to our love for Sprint phones, beer gloves and heartburn medication, SB Nation has teamed up with Captain Morgan's rum to drum up some tailgating chatter once a week. And with Arrowhead Stadium and the Kansas City Chiefs' strong tradition of tailgating, what better blog to do that on?

We've talked about tailgating quite a bit on AP so let's focus this conversation on some fun topics:

  • For a noon game, do you cook breakfast food, lunch or both at your tailgate?
  • What's your drink preference when tailgating? Beer? Rum? Grain alcohol?
  • Is there anything wrong with drinking in the morning as long as it's at a tailgate?
Even though Captain Morgan is our sponsor, I have to say that rum isn't my first choice at a tailgate, especially if it's in the morning. Anyone have a different experience? 

Captain Morgan was smart too and filmed a commercial with Marissa Miller. It's after the jump...

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