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Bills vs. Chiefs: Using KC's Formula To Winning

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley had a few words on the Buffalo Bills this week and I found the following quote interesting:

"What I would say about this team is they appear very well coached," Haley said, "they don’t give you much, they’re a low, low penalty team – I think second in the league right now, ahead of us – and they will not give the ball up, although in the last game that obviously hurt them but not something they do on a regular basis."

Sounds right up Haley's alley: don't get penalized and don't turn the ball over. That's what the Chiefs do. They've been beating teams by staying away from penalties and turnovers and allowing the other team to make those mistakes.

The Bills are -4 in turnovers right now. They've lost four of their nine fumbles and thrown six picks, although only four are from Ryan Fitzpatrick, including two last week. So they do turn it over but maybe not what you'd think with a win less team.

The Bills though have the right formula in trying to protect the football. Clearly their defense can't handle short fields. I suspect the Chiefs won't have any issues moving the ball against Buffalo but they're going to try to make the Chiefs go 80-plus yards every time.

This is a game I think where the Chiefs are simply better and they can win even without a few turnovers. I think the only chance the Bills really have in this is if the Chiefs turn it over. That'll be an emphasis for the Chiefs this week, as it is every week.

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