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KC Chiefs vs Bills: Analyzing Buffalo's Play Direction Tendencies

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Buffalo Bills this Sunday at Arrowhead. If ticket prices are any indication of fan enthusiasm then the Chiefs can expect a charged up crowd for the Bills game.

The Chiefs are coming off a 42-20 win over the Jaguars, a Jags team that likes the power running attack. This week KC is butting heads with a Buffalo offense which is ranked 27th in the NFL in yards per game: 15th in rushing with 100 yards per game and 23rd in passing with 184 yards per game.

Let's check out those tendencies.

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Bills Rushing Offense

Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Up the Middle Right Guard Right Tackle Right End
Plays: 16 Plays: 13 Plays: 20 Plays: 45 Plays: 17 Plays: 13 Plays: 18
Rank: 24 Rank: 27 Rank: 11 Rank: 16 Rank: 16 Rank: 28 Rank: 18
Avg Gain: 4.31 Avg Gain: 6.85 Avg Gain: 3.80 Avg Gain: 3.73 Avg Gain: 5.00 Avg Gain: 6.08 Avg Gain: 4.61
Rank: 20 Rank: 2 Rank: 12 Rank: 22 Rank: 6 Rank: 1 Rank: 21

Bills Rushing Notes:

  • It's hard to pick out some tendencies in the numbers above. The Bills have run the ball 45 times directly at the center which is ranked 16th in the NFL. Not really a tendency when we consider that is just middle of the pack in attempts.
  • The Bills have been most successful running the ball over the left tackle: Ranked 2nd with 6.8 yards per attempt. But they have only attempted that 13 times. Which tells us that a couple of big runs might be mixed in the numbers.
  • The Chiefs have been attacked 63 times directly at their nose guard which is 8th most in the NFL. In those attempts they have given up 3.5 yards per attempt (ranked 13th).
  • After last weeks game and a few nice gains by Jacksonville over the left end...the Chiefs have given up 7.17 yards per attempt which is ranked 27th in the NFL.
  • For the most part it appears that the Bills like to keep their running game balanced with the exception of runs up the gut. Expect the same this Sunday.
  • The Bills are averaging 4.4 yards per carry on first down. On second and 6 they pass the ball 62% of the time and run it 37%.

Bills Passing Offense




Plays: 14

Avg Gain: 12.3

NFL Rank: 17th

Plays: 9

Avg Gain: 7.1

NFL Rank: 25th

Plays: 12

Avg Gain: 8.4

NFL Rank: 26th


Plays: 56

Avg Gain: 6.6

NFL Rank: 23rd

Plays: 33

Avg Gain: 4.7

NFL Rank: 23rd

Plays: 56

Avg Gain: 5.7

NFL Rank: 27th

Bills Passing Zone Frequency Chart

Bills Passing Notes:

  • It looks like the Bills coaching staff does a good job at disguising any direction tenancies in the passing game. Which tells the Chiefs that Buffalo likes to spend time attacking all the areas with their strengths as opposed to totally zeroing in on opponents weaknesses.
  • The Buffalo Bills aren't setting the world on fire with their passing game. But then again, they are a lot better on offense than they were last year. Last year the Bills were 30th in the NFL in yards passing per game. This year Buffalo slowly climbing with a ranking of 23rd in yards per game.
  • Last year, 2009, the Bills were 4th in the NFL in sacks given up. This year they are currently ranked 10th.
  • Buffalo has passed for 12 touch downs in 2010, which is 6th in the NFL, and rushed for 1 touchdown. That tells the Chiefs that when push comes to shove...the Bills earn their way through the air.
  • The Bills are averaging 20 points per game.
No. Yds Avg Long TD
RECEIVING 1. Johnson, Steve 25 372 14.9 43 5
2. Evans, Lee 21 286 13.6 45 4
3. Parrish, Roscoe 22 274 12.5 31 1
4. Nelson, David 12 145 12.1 37 0
5. Stupar, Jonathan 7 59 8.4 15 0
6. Spiller, C.J. 13 48 3.7 9 1
7. Nelson, Shawn 2 16 8.0 12 0
8. McIntyre, Corey 2 10 5.0 9 0
9. Lynch, Marshawn 1 7 7.0 7 0
10. Martin, David 1 4 4.0 4 1
11. Jackson, Fred 4 -3 -1.2 4 0
Total 110 1218 11.1 45 12
Opponents 109 1288 11.8 41 14


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