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Kansas City Chiefs Fans Can Identify With Buffalo Bills Fans

As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, I can identify with the Buffalo Bills.

The Chiefs, like the Bills, fielded some good teams in the '90s. The Chiefs, like the Bills, did not turn those into Super Bowl wins but the Bills at least made four consecutive Super Bowls. Both cities are in the bottom half of the NFL's media markets. The Bills have been looking for the next Jim Kelly. The Chiefs have been looking for the next....Len Dawson. Both teams have been around a long time and have that family-owned vibe. You'll see both teams play on a snow-covered field at some point in the season.

Currently it appears the teams are going in opposite directions but you can feel what the Bills fans are going through right now.

So there are a few ways I can identify with the Buffalo fan base. Over the last 20 years the Chiefs and Bills have played 13 games. Some were great -- '91 MNF game anyone? -- and some were not so great -- losing 37-14 in the '92 playoffs come to mind.

Of all of them -- the Chiefs are 5-8 in the last 20 years -- here are the two that stand out the most to me.

The AFC Championship game on Jan. 23 1994. That's also Chris' birthday. I remember as kids Old Man Thorman promised to take us out of school and down to the parade if they made the Super Bowl. Man, this one hurt a lot for considering I was just a kid.

The 54-point game on Nov. 23 2008. This was one of the lowest of the lows for the Chiefs. This one is up there for the one of the worst feelings over the Chiefs 10-wins-in-three-years stretch.

Courtesy of the Chiefs game release, I've got the full list of the Chiefs and Bills dating back to 1990.

10/7/91: W 33-6

1/5/92: L 37-14

11/28/93: W 23-7

1/23/94: L 30-13

10/30/94: L 44-10

12/22/96: L 20-9

9/14/97: W 22-16

11/19/00: L 21-17

11/17/02: W 17-16

10/26/03: W 38-5

11/13/05: L 14-3

11/23/08: L 54-31

12/13/09: L 16-10

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