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Chiefs End Up Dominating The Jags; Cruising In The AFC West

Cruising...Get it??
Cruising...Get it??

After fighting mightily for over three quarters, the Jacksonville Jaguars finally gave in to the Kansas City Chiefs. Final score: 42 to 20. The Chiefs are leading the AFC West now with a record of 4-2. Denver, Oakland and San Diego all have afternoon games today. 

The big highlights of this game were:

  • Jags QB Todd Bouman's excellent play in the first half;
  • The punishing duo of Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles;
  • The continued reemergence of Dwayne Bowe, who had two touchdowns today;
  • Matt Cassel's consistently good play; and,
  • The Chiefs' ability to close this game out in a big way.

Joel is in the locker room as we speak. We'll have plenty of stories on each of those topics above and more. But first, make sure you get in your questions for Joel before he heads to the press conferences. 

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