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Chiefs Up Early On The Jaguars

Via <a href="">RossJohnson22</a>
Via RossJohnson22

The Kansas City Chiefs are up 7 to 3 against the Jacksonville Jaguars as we enter the second quarter. Here are a few notes on this game so far:

  • Dexter McCluster is off to a fast start. The Chiefs featured McCluster early in the rushing game, which we haven't seen happen much with the OW. McCluster's first two carries should have been losses or only short gains. Instead they went for a combined 26 yards. 
  • The Chiefs forced a fumble on a long Jaguars' punt return and got the ball back after a rather bland offensive series. Excellent special teams play, except for, you know, letting the Jacksonville returner run 60 yards first. 
  • Jamaal Charles Thomas Jones had a 70+ yard run which set up Thomas Jones Jamaal Charles for a short TD run. Simply awesome to watch. 

I'd like to have seen a stronger start by the Chiefs but the pace KC is at right now is fine with me. We'll win this game. 

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