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Jaguars QB Todd Bouman Sounds Happy Just To Play

With David Garrard and Trent Edwards injured for the Jacksonville Jaguars, off the street quarterback Todd Bouman is getting the start tomorrow against the Kansas City Chiefs. Bouman hasn't won a game since 2001; hasn't started a game since 2005; and only has six career starts. He's a classic journeyman. In fact, one of the section titles on his Wikipedia page is "Fourth and Fifth stints with Jaguars."

So, while you'd hope your quarterback is an aggressive, competitive machine, Bouman sounds just happy to be on the field. He told, "At my age, you just go out, play and have fun. The next play may be your last play. You just never know."

Your next play may be your last? Yeah, I guess I'd probably have the same attitude as the 38-year old Bouman if I was in his situation. "They have a game plan to execute and it's my job to learn it," Bouman added. Doesn't sound likely that Bouman will be willing his team to victory in the fourth quarter this weekend. 

Bouman's comments lead me to another thing I wanted to mention. This game, even according to Bouman it seems, has already been won by the Chiefs. The Jaguars are terrible. The Chiefs are up and coming. The game is in Kansas City. How do the Chiefs lose this game?

It's been a while but I can't remember the last Kansas City Chiefs game that has this strong a sense of inevitability in KC's favor. There's just no way we lose, right?

It's Game Time.

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