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Kansas City Chiefs OC Charlie Weis Talks QB Matt Cassel

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Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis speaks to the media once a week and undoubtedly those questions center around quarterback Matt Cassel.

So....what's Weis looking for in Cassel?

"With the quarterback position," Weis says, "it always starts with managing the team and putting us in the right position and then it comes down to making plays."

When it comes to managing the team, I think Cassel is doing that. He's not turning the ball over and in some ways not losing the game for the Chiefs. When it comes to winning the game, we just haven't seen a lot of those plays from Cassel.

"Anyone can see, it’s not just me," Weis continued, "anyone can see when you’re in a game that when you have an opportunity and things present themselves you have to go ahead and make plays."

I don't see it as so much about making that "dagger in the heart" type of play from Cassel. I get it. The Chiefs don't want Cassel to make those plays, don't need him to make those plays or don't think he can make those plays. Whatever it is, he's not a playmaker in the sense of a John Elway or Kurt Warner that is dangerous all the time.

For me it comes down to the basics and that's completing passes. I think it's generally considered that 60 percent is the minimum target for completion percentage. The core of his job is to complete passes and until he consistently hits the minimum requirement I think there will be question marks.

That said, the Chiefs can win with the Matt Cassel that showed up in Week 6 against the Texans. He completed a high percentage of his passes and came through in the clutch (i.e. third down) for most of the game.

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