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Chiefs' Tyson Jackson, Chris Chambers Healthy Scratches Last Week?

Good news and bad news with this one.

The good news is that the Kansas City Chiefs are finally getting to a point where they have enough depth to overcome the absence of players such as DE Tyson Jackson and WR Chris Chambers last week.

The bad news is that both Jackson and Chambers were healthy enough to play last week...and didn't.


"It was the right 45 for Sunday," Haley said of Kansas City’s 45-man roster in Houston. "At that time, with the variables as they were, I think that both (Jackson and WR Chris Chambers) could have played. That was the 45 that we went with and unfortunately things didn’t work out the way that we needed them to work out."

So Chambers and Jackson were healthy scratches.

Chambers doesn't play special teams so perhaps that's the reason why he wasn't on the field. As Adam Teicher of the KC Star said today in his latest video blog, it's a situation that is worth watching and I agree.

But what about Jackson? Why would Haley say publicly that he was a healthy scratch? Was he trying to get a message across to Jackson? We know Haley likes to use various motivational techniques to push the right buttons with his players.

Is this one of them?

I'm racking my brain to find an optimistic viewpoint of the No. 3 overall pick being a healthy scratch in year two but I can't. Kent Babb of the KC Star suggests Jackson is in the doghouse and all signs seem to suggest that being the case. Babb also says Jackson seemed heavier since the injury which may be part of the reason the Chiefs plan to use Jackson on a limited basis this weekend.

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