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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley On Illegal Hits In The NFL

The NFL buzz this week is of course illegal hits, fines and suspensions. The league sent a video to teams identifying legal and illegal hits (no matter how confusing that video was) and they also sent a memo indicating that teams would be eligible for discipline if they weren't coaching the proper techniques. Frankly, that may not mean much because policing how the coaches are coaching is nearly impossible.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley said the Chiefs aren't changing anything. That's the correct answer because the rules haven't changed.

"I said yesterday that the rule hasn’t changed," Haley told reporters Thursday. "We teach our guys to play within the rules of the league and we work real hard at that from a technique-standpoint. That’s not just tackling, that’s everything. That’s offense, defense, special teams. Since October 11th of last year we’re the least penalized team in both calls and yardage so I think that’s a good sign that the coaching, for an extended period of time, is getting across to our players."

Players across the league are complaining because they're saying the NFL is changing. It's not. The rules are the same. Getting fined $50,000 is the equivalent of a game check for many of these players so it may as well be a suspension.

Haley's teams are clearly playing within the rules, as evidenced by the penalty stat he references. There shouldn't be any problem in Kansas City with the "new" rules.

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