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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley's Dr. Phil Moment

Earlier this week Kansas City Chiefs head coach gave what I called a candidate for quote of the year when he called Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew a "rolling ball of butcher knives."

Just a day later and we've got another quotable from Haley.

Here's the Chiefs coach on separating his personal life and his work life:

"I don’t know," Haley said. "I take pride in it though. I do. I take pride in separating the two. I would guess probably the same thing I was talking about teammates, relationships are about – we’re having Dr. Phil now – but love. You’ve got to love people and that’s what’s important and that’s important on this team and I’m seeing more and more of it. It may sound corny, but it’s true."

In a little over a year we've gone from tough guy Todd Haley to....Dr. Phil. Ha! OK, that's not exactly true but I think the Chiefs coach is getting pretty comfortable in his role.

And, yeah, it does sound corny.

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