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Kansas City Chiefs Are Just 2-6 All-Time Against Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Kansas City Chiefs for some reason have had a lot of trouble with the Jacksonville Jaguars. In eight career regular season meetings, the Chiefs have won just two games. Two of those six losses at Arrowhead.

Of course, the victory on 12/31/06 is one we all remember. I'll be talking about that in a separate post but, man, that was an awesome day.

Here's the roundup on the Chiefs history against the Jaguars:

11/9/97: 24-10 Loss

9/13/98: 21-16 Loss

12/30/01: 30-26 Win

9/15/02: 23-16 Loss*

10/17/04: 22-16 Loss

12/31/06: 35-30 Win*

10/7/07: 17-7 Loss*

11/8/09: 24-21 Loss

*At Arrowhead