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NFL Trade Deadline: Which Position Would The Kansas City Chiefs Upgrade?

The NFL trade deadline is coming up and of all the NFL trade rumors we've heard the Kansas City Chiefs aren't mentioned. I think it's pretty clear that the Chiefs won't be making any moves.

But if they were to make a move...What position would it be?

This is all hypothetical and meant to be fun so don't go thinking that the Chiefs are swinging a three-way deal that will bring them some superstar. It's probably not going to happen over the next two-and-a-half hours.

Where are the Chiefs weak points?

  • Quarterback: Trading for a new starting QB in the middle of the season just won't happen. It would take several weeks for any QB to get acclimated and there's no way the Chiefs would trade Matt Cassel. They're happy with some of the things he's doing.
  • Receiver: Now here's an option. Would the Chiefs make a move for a receiver? I doubt it but it seems like the most reasonable answer to this question. The Chiefs offseason was spent giving the QB more weapons and this would be another step in that process (Oh and Panther WR Steve Smith is not available.)

After that...I'm not sure that I'd upgrade any other position. That's a good sign for the Chiefs. There aren't a lot of "open" positions right now.

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