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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: KC Chiefs Aren't Going Anywhere

I've been scanning the various NFL power rankings for Week 7 and I'm noticing that the Kansas City Chiefs aren't moving much. The Chiefs have lost two in a row but they were both against good opponents.

Here's a run down of the NFL power rankings floating around the web:

  • SB Nation: 15 (15) "The Chiefs played yet another good road opponent very tough. They have a stretch of seven games against .500ish teams so they may be able to make a dent in the division moving forward."
  • FanHouse: 15 (15) "Here's the test for the upstart Chiefs: off tough road losses at Indy and Houston, can they bounce back? Amazingly, they look like the division's best team right now."
  • Peter KIng 13 "Sorry. An official decided that game at Houston. If the Chiefs and Texans play tomorrow in Wichita, I'm taking Kansas City."
  • Sporting News: 13 (12) "Give them a couple of A's for effort, but that's little consolation. Their next "scary" opponent is Tennessee—in Week 16.
  • FOX Sports: 13 (12): "It's a shame that in the one game where QB Matt Cassel plays well, their defense drops off. The lack of a pass rush finally cost them in the end against the Texans. OLB Tamba Hali can't do it all on his own, so they will have to find another quality pass rusher along the way."

Agree? Disagree? I'm compiling more NFL power rankings for the Chiefs at SB Nation Kansas City if you want to check it out throughout the day. I haven't seen a lot of off-the-wall rankings (yet).

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