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Bill Parcells Packs His Bags In Miami

Miami Dolphins executive Bill Parcells is out the door.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Monday Night Football that Parcells has packed his bags in Miami, moved out of his office and is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the team.

"Miami knew this move was coming, it just didn't realize it was coming so soon," Schefter said on ESPN.

He's still got the consultant label with the Dolphins though for how long remains unknown.

We have to mention this because of all the Parcells connections on the Kansas City Chiefs. It seems like half the coaching staff was on the New York Jets in the late 90s and some of the players come from Parcells' Dolphins. The circle would be complete if the Chiefs hired Parcells as a consultant but I would be shocked out of this world if they did it. That said, he has too many connections to this team -- and to the Kansas City-Wichita area -- to not let that thought run through your head.

Another Chiefs connection to this whole deal in Miami could be Carl Peterson. The rumor mill has been going for over a year that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross may hire his good friend Carl Peterson in a Parcells-esque role. Ross and Peterson are currently involved in a business venture. I can see Peterson getting back into the league.

(H/T Holmeslice)

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